Social Dancing

This website was set up in order to faciliate the process of trying to find somewhere to go dancing.

Isnt it always the case that you always hear about dances that were on after the event.

All dressed up and no where to go

One weekend all the dances are on and you have to choose which one to go to.

Or the following weekend there is no dancing on at all!


This website is the source of finding a dance to go to.

It is initially being set up with the aim of publicising social and practice dances.

Although later it may offer dance schools the option of advertising classess etc for a fee.


If you are aware of any other dances or venues you feel should be added to the site

please Email with full details.




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Whilst we have taken the utmost care in providing the information on this website

It is the dancers responsibilty to check with the venue organiser, in case of any last minute changes, or cancellations. Particularly in bad weather

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